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----------------------------------------------Future Issues------------------------------------------------
Issue 111 In Layout

-----------------------------------------------------Issue 110-------------------------------------------------------

Issue 110 Cover
Spring 2016
Mailed April 2016
On the cover: Keith Spreuer’s Subaru Powered Cozy.
  • Supervee Air Sports.— Ed Fisher tells the history behind Supervee VW-powered race planes and how he’s bringing the sport back to the homebuilder’s community.

  • Type 1 Volkswagen Engines. B.W. Stone covers the construction of the 1835-cc Volkswagen engine he built for his Volksplane VP-1 that appeared in CONTACT! Magazine issue #107, allowing us to learn from his experiences.
  • Chrysler’s 6.2L Hellcat V8—707 Supercharged Horsepower.— Developed for the street, Chrysler converts a robust iron-block truck engine into a high-power  supercharged engine that’s built to last.

  • Changing Experimental Amateur-built Aircraft Operating Limitations. — EAA answers a question sent by a member, concerning aircraft operating limitations. We find that the answer is self-explanatory. Reprinted by permission.
  • AeroCarb or AeroInjector?. — As a sidebar to B.W. Stone’s VW engine article, he details the subtle differences between the two billet aluminum carbs offered by AeroConversions LLC.

  • Subaru Powered Cozy.— Keith Spreuer tells his story of losing a head gasket hundreds of miles from home and the way he went about  the repair.
  • The Ross PSRU.— Keith Spreuer details the modifications he had to undertake with his orphaned Ross PSRU, keeping it running.

  • 13th Alternative Engine Round-up, French Valley California.— Once again we’re planning to host our annual gathering Saturday, September 24, 2016. Please join us at the French Valley Airport near Temecula California! The fine people from EAA Chapter 1279 have again offered to cohost our annual fly-in.

-----------------------------------------------------Issue 109-------------------------------------------------------
Issue 109 Cover
Fall/Winter 2014
Spring 2015
Mailed August 2015

On the cover: Pete Plumb’s prototype DP-1, 100 cubic inch O-100, two cylinder engine based on the Continental O-200. Photo credit: ©Eric James Swearingen,   http://aviation.ArtofEricJames.com ArtofEricJames

  •  Pete Plumb’s Pegasus DP-1  O-100 Prototype.— CONTACT! Magazine’s editor, Patrick Panzera had the pleasure of meeting Pete Plumb at EAA AirVenture 2012 and has followed his progress creating his O-100, a half O-200 that uses O-200 parts.

  • Flying the Thatcher CX4 and CX5 Prototypes. CONTACT! Magazine’s editor Patrick Panzera spent a winter weekend in Pensacola Florida test flying both the well proven Thatcher CX4 and the newest addition, the two-place Thatcher CX5.

  • Ford Coyote 5.0L (302 cubic inches) 412 HP Crate Engine.— Another fire-breathing V8 crate engine that should make a great auto conversion for experimental aircraft.

  • RENO 2014. — Richard Lewis became the proverbial “fly on the wall” during a dispute between officials and a pilot who was disqualified. His report on this is certainly newsworthy.

  • 12th Annual Alternative Engine Round-Up The fine people from EAA Chapter 1279 have stepped up and offered to cohost our annual fly-in. This years event will be held on Saturday, September 26th, at the French Valley Airport near Temecula California.

-----------------------------------------------------Issue 108-------------------------------------------------------

Issue 108 Cover
Summer 2014

Mailed July 2014
On the cover: A 12-year-old passenger gets her first aerial view of the Brodhead Wisconsin countryside from the front cockpit of Dan Helsper's beautiful Ford A powered Air Camper during the 2012 Pietenpol fly-in. Photo by Jon Apfelbaum 
  • Dan Helsper’s Ford A Powered Pietenpol.— Oscar Zuniga introduces us to a special Pietenpol built by Dan Heslper, who did his best to stick to the plans wherever practical, including the engine. 

  • Ol’ Tattered Wingtips. Pietenpol patriarch Donald “Doc” Mosher tells of some of the inside tips that help fill in the gaps left out of the various Pietenpol plan sets currently available.
  • Got Gas?— Steve Williamson, President of EAA Chapter 1279 based at French Valley Airport, gives us a little insight into the traps that can arise when building a plane as a chapter, and details the fuel system in the Pietenpol they built.

  • 1937 Pietenpol Air Camper NX308MB— Gary Boothe shares his  story of building this simple yet elegant version of Bernard Pietenpol’s Corvair-powered Air Camper, as a tribute to his father.

  • Greg Bacon’s Turbo Subaru EA-82T Pietenpol Air Camper— Oscar Zuniga presents the tale of “Mountain Piet,” a straightforward incarnation designed to be flown from a field in Colorado with a summertime density altitude approaching 11,000 feet.

  • Chris Rousch’s “MitsuPIETshi” Air Camper— Oscar Zuniga highlights some of the many details that makes this Air Camper unique, including the Mitsubishi forklift engine that was overhauled before being adapted to its new chore of powering a classic bird.

  • 11th Annual Alternative Engine Round-Up The fine people from EAA Chapter 1279 have stepped up and offered to cohost our annual fly-in. This years event will be held on Saturday, September 27th, at the French Valley Airport near Temecula California.

----------------------------------------------------Issue 107------------------------------------------------------- 

Issue 107 Cover
Spring 2014
Mailed March 2014



On the cover: The Thatcher CX5 prototype right at the 40 hour mark during FAA Phase 1 flight testing. Pilot: Glen Bradley. Photographer: Sheldon Heatherington. Photo plane pilot: Jim Wilson  Photo plane: Legend Cub.

  • Introducing the Thatcher CX5.— Dr. Glen Bradley tells of his experiences helping David Thatcher build the prototype and flying the FAA Phase 1 flight testing.

  • Ben Stone’s Volksplane. B. W. Stone brings us his perspective on the single-seat Volksplane, outlining both its good and bad qualities as he answers the question, why (or why not) the Volksplane?
  • Why The Volksplane?— In this sidebar, B. W. Stone lists the reasons he decided to build his Volksplane.

  • Building The Volksplane.— Helpful hints for Volksplane builders. Through the build process, B. W. Stone developed some interesting ways to create a better finished product and he shares some of these ideas with us.
  • The E-MAG “P” Model.— Jeff Scott and CONTACT! Magazine Associate Editor Oscar Zuniga introduce us to an electronic magneto replacement for certified-type aircraft engines, complete with an operational report conducted on an O-200 powered KR-2S

----------------------------------------------------Issue 106------------------------------------------------------- 

Issue 106 Cover

ISSUE 106  
Summer 2013

mailed August 2013

On the cover: Terry Kronk's 530 hp GM LS-6 powered, two-seat, all aluminum, scratch-built 80% scale CA-18 (Aussie-built NAA P-51D), Gatton Airpark, Gatton, Queensland, just outside Brisbane Australia. Photo: Christine Gray

Remembering Mick Myal.— This issue is dedicated to the memory of our founding editor and publisher, Mick Myal.

Terry Kronk’s P-51D Mustang Replica.— Martin Hone tells the story of an incredible builder and the various projects he’s completed, spotlighting this beautiful Mustang.

What’s Shakin’?— Oscar Zuniga shows us the DynaVibe, an economical, state-of-the-art dynamic propeller balancer designed specifically for the aircraft industry.

  • Remembering Mick Myal.— This issue is dedicated to the memory of our founding editor and publisher, Mick Myal.

  • Terry Kronk’s P-51D Mustang Replica.— Martin Hone tells the story of an incredible builder and the various projects he’s completed, spotlighting this beautiful Mustang.

  • What’s Shakin’?— Oscar Zuniga shows us the DynaVibe, an economical, state-of-the-art dynamic propeller balancer designed specifically for the aircraft industry.

  • 2.0L Direct Injection, Turbocharged Cadillac ATS Engine.— A new high-performance 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (2.0T) debuted in the all-new 2013 Cadillac ATS compact luxury sedan, and it might be a good candidate for conversion with its 272 hp @ 5500 rpm and 260 lb-ft of torque @ 1700 rpm.

  • Successful V8-Powered Reno Racer.— Jack Kane, the CEO of EPI Inc. helps get reliable V8 power to the front of this beautiful, purpose-built race-plane.

  • Geared Drives Moves Forward.— Stuart Davis has picked up where the late Bud Warren left off, returning the Geared Drives PSRU to market, but with substantial improvements.

  • RENO 2012; Mission Accomplished!.— Len Bechtold brings to life the sights and sounds of the 2012 Reno National Championship Air Races.

  • Tom Aberle’s PHANTOM and the Elippse Propeller.— Len Bechtold reports on the current state of affaires of the award-winning Phantom biplane and its super-efficient Elippse propeller.

  • CONTACT! Magazine’s Alternative Engines Volume 4.— 10 years in the making, the fourth in our series of authoritative books is almost ready to deliver. We just need a little help from our friends!

  • We Say Goodbye to John Moyle.— William Wynne helps to heal the sorrow felt at CONTACT! Magazine headquarters, as we say goodbye to our vibrant supporter– Associate Editor John P. Moyle.

----------------------------------------------------Issue 105------------------------------------------------------- 

ISSUE 105 Summer 2012
Mailed October 17, 2012

On the cover: Andrew Elliott in his CH601XL over the Salt River in the Tonto National Forest. Photo was shot by Zeigh Owensby from the back seat of N566U, an RV-8 built and flown by Ron Smith.

  • 500 Hours Flying Behind A Corvair.— Andrew Elliott tells the story behind deciding to build an experimental aircraft, what drove him to choose the CH601, and why he installed a Corvair— and all the fun he’s had with it thus far.

  • Planning and Executing a Professional First Flight.— William Wynne outlines a solid plan to help us complete our first flight professionally and  successfully.

  • Phase I Flight Testing Like A Professional.— Andrew Elliot spells out the keys to a successful flight test regime, and includes worksheets along with tips from his test period.

  • A Change in Perspective; From Homebuilder to Pilot.— Phil Maxson tells of the joys of bringing his creation to life and proving that it’s more than a dream to fly something he built with his hands.

  • Get Checked Out.— Louis Kantor, as a CFI and a homebuilder who found himself in need of a check out, makes the argument for getting time-in-type before flying your new homebuilt for the first time.

  • Reflecting on a Decade of Corvair Powered Zeniths.— William Wynne makes an interesting observation as to why many airframe manufacturers seem to be against alternative engines.

  • Chris Heintz: Designing the Future of Experimental Aviation for Forty Years.— Jim Cavanagh pays homage to Chris Heintz in this short biography that tells the story of Zenith Aircraft Company and the aircraft plans and kits offered.

  • Book Report: Flying On Your Own Wings, By Chris Heintz.— John Moyle gives us a brief look at the semi-autobiographical, but mostly technical writing designed for the first-time airplane designer to design, build and fly a unique experimental aircraft.

  ----------------------------------------------------Issue 104------------------------------------------------------- 

Contact magazine

ISSUE 104 Spring 2012
Mailed June 28, 2012

On the cover: Bruce King in his BK1 prototype, now set for plans delivery.

  • BK1– Don’t Give Up Your Dreams.— Bruce King describes the journey he took to arrive at a homebuilt aircraft designed for those who want to have a fun yet affordable and practical airplane.
  • Chris Walterson’s Dragonfly C-FLYV.— One of the original direct-drive, intercooled, turbocharged Subaru engines to successfully fly has been humming away for 15 years. Chris offers this update.
  • The New Skyactiv-D Diesel Engine from Mazda.— Mazda does it again by developing a small, lightweight but powerful diesel engine utilizing advanced technology. This time they’ve dropped the compression ratio to 14:1 and eliminated a lot of weight in the process.

----------------------------------------------------Issue 103------------------------------------------------------- 

Issue 103 Cover ISSUE 103 Jan 2012
Mailed on Feb 6th, 2012

On the cover: Ben Hass’ Zenith 801 on the ramp at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  • The Loss Of A Pioneer.— We say goodbye to our good friends Budd Warren and his daughter Phyllis Ridings.

  • Eggenfellner Gearbox Problems? Meet The Alternative.— Optimistically written and submitted before their passing, Bud Warren and Phyllis Ridings detail their 200Z PSRU for Subaru.

  • Ben Hass’ Small Block Ford Powered Zenith CH 801.— Ben Hass has had great success with his firewall-forward V8 installation in his first attempt to build an experimental  plane. Having overcome a failed PRSU, things are now working well for him.

  • The New Skyactiv Engine from Mazda.— Mazda does it again by developing a small, lightweight but powerful engine utilizing advanced technology. This time they’ve upped the compression ratio to 14:1 and eliminated detonation with direct injection.

  • Suzuki G10 Conversion For The BD-5.— Mark ter Keurs does an excellent job describing what it takes to convert a normally aspirated Suzuki three-cylinder engine into a turbocharged aircraft engine suitable for the BD-5.

  • Air Slowdown And The Propeller.— Written shortly before his passing, Paul Lipps dispels the concern for air slowing down before reaching the propeller, in both tractor and pusher aircraft.

 ----------------------------------------------------Issue 102------------------------------------------------------- 

Issue 102 Cover

Aug-Dec 2010
Mailed on 12-21-2010

On the cover: Martin Hone's Spacewalker II-RR. Photo: Colin Johnson                      
  • Martin Hone’s Spacewalker II-RR.— Martin reports on the modifications to install the beautiful nine-cylinder Rotec radial on his Spacewalker II.
  • Getting The Lead Out.— EAA Chapter 1138’s newsletter editor Jim Rickey details the issues with running lower-octane, unleaded fuels in aircraft engines, especially those designed for 100LL.

  • The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same.— A lighthearted look at the coincidental results of airfoil design. By Dr. Michael Shuck.

  • The Small Continentals.— Oscar Zuniga dissects and exposes the subtle yet important differences between the O-200 and smaller Continental aircraft engines.

  • Air And Its Majestic Roll In Producing Lift!— From the fertile mind of Paul Lipps, we are given a different prospective to help visualize how wings keep aircraft aloft.

ISSUE 101 Mar-July 2010 Mailed on 7-22-2010 On the cover: Jake Jaks' Pober Junior Ace
  • Jake Jaks Pober Junior Ace.— We caught up with Jake at Sun ‘n Fun 2009 and bring you his story of building his Corvair powered Junior Ace and the associated problem solving along the way.
  • Revmaster R-2300 Conversion.— The fine people at Revmaster Aviation have done it again, increasing the bore and stroke of their renown R-2100 to up the horsepower safely.
  • Talk On Tailwheels.— Scott Weinberg of Iron Design LLC has paid a lot of attention to the mass production of a quality and durable tailwheel assembly for the experimental market.
  • Propeller Blades: Number, Pitch and Planform.— Paul Lipps expounds in great detail in an effort to describe his propeller design theories in a simple manner. Also see issue number 88.5
ISSUE 100 Jan-Feb 2010 Mailed on 3-12 2010 On the cover: Fireworks: Commemorating our 100th issue and 20 years, 1990 - 2010.

  • Our Founder Checks in.— Commemorating  this, our 100th issue, Mick Myal remembers the beginnings.
  • Jim Ewen.— Thom Sherwood’s short biography of graphic artist Jim Ewen, paying tribute to his contributions to CONTACT! Magazine over the years.
  • Announcing the 7th Annual Alternative Engine Round-Up, Jean NV, March 26-28.— It's that time again, time for CONTACT! Magazine’s annual gathering. Join us this year for another outstanding weekend of good friends and experimental aviation.
  • Tracy Crook’s Three-Rotor 20B RV-8.— Another successful rotary engine installation by renowned rotary guru, Tracy Crook.
  • Bruce Sturgill’s Personal Cruiser, Part III.— The third in the series of brief articles detailing Bruce’s progress as he “beta-builds”  his Personal (Corvair) Cruiser.
  • Some Short Thoughts About Supercharging.— Paul Lipps asks and answers some simple questions about forced induction.
  • The Artwork of Jim Ewen.
  • Ken Miller’s 4.3L Chevrolet V-6 Powered RV-6A.— Stan Pitts updates us with this success story, detailing the complete disassembly and rebuild of the engine and PSRU, finding very little that needs replacing.
  • Geared Drives New Subaru Redrive.— Phyllis Ridings reports on Bud Warren’s latest  developments with his newest creation, a zero-offset drive, complete with its own oil pump and the ability to accept a traditional prop governor.
  • Russell Sherwood’s Subaru EG-33 Powered Glasair 1RG.— Russell Sherwood recounts his journey to a successful auto conversion that took him through two PSRU’s and one hurricane. His simple approach to the design of his cooling system is quite revealing and somewhat amusing.
ISSUE 99 Oct-Dec 2009 Mailed on 12-11 2009 On the cover: Scott Carter and Lynn Canatella pilot Xtra EZ over the suburban area of Dallas TX. Photo by Jay C Harris
  • Scott Carter’s Xtra EZ.— Starting with Cozy Mark 4 plans, and with a drive to keep everything as “Rutan” as possible, while incorporating all the successful innovations to come along during the 30+ years since the first set of EZ plans were sold, Scott has created a beautiful and functional tribute to Burt Rutan.
  • Mazda RENESIS 16X.— Details from Mazda on their next generation rotary engine. This time it’s 1600cc.

  • Ken Lehman's Marcotte PSRU.— Ken Lehman's Murphy Rebel appeared on the cover of issue 91. Ken has sent us an update detailing his experience with the Marcotte PSRU and the stock 1997 Subaru EJ22 powering it.
  • Revised 51 Percent Rule Good News for Builders, Kit Makers.— Patrick Panzera reports on the new 51 percent rule.
  • Subenews.— Peter Krok updates his progress with his Eggenfellner Subaru newsletter.
ISSUE 98  Aug -Sep 2009
Mailed Oct 16, 2009

On the cover: Danny Sorensen's BF9-2, piloted by Danny Sorensen, shot during AirVenture 2009 by EAA photographer Bonnie Kratz.
  • COPPERSTATE; Not too big, not too small.— Blatant support of our favorite commercial fly-in, including a list of alternative engine forum presentations.
  • Sorensen BF9-2.— Danny Sorensen tells his story of bring a dream to reality. Not content with his Pitts, Danny clean-slated a fully aerobatic biplane powered by the Russian-built M14-P 9 cylinder radial engine, usually found on the nose of a Yak.
  • Sadler Vampire Report.— Despite the serious setback from the loss of their prototype, the new Vampire is refined, sleeker, and now powered with a six-cylinder Jabiru.
  • We ask again, Will it Fly?—Scott Hinton.— The newest member of the Board of Directors, Scott’s volunteer efforts will aid in an administrative capacity, freeing your editor to be creative and resourceful.
  • 2010 General Motors LF1 3.0L Direct Injection V6 VVT.— Direct injection and variable valve timing give this all-aluminum, OHV four-valve-per-cylinder V6, 260 available ponies.
  • From the Desk of RotaMax President, Eric Barger.— Straight from the source, Eric Barger explains the current state of RotaMax and how the crash of the Sadler Vampire prototype has affected them, including the full NTSB narrative of the accident.
  • Propeller/Engine Balancing with the DynaVibe.— Another great how-to from Mark Langford.
  • Leonard Brothers Thatcher CX4.— Will and Phil Leonard share their experiences building identical aircraft.
ISSUE 97  Nov -July 2009
Mailed July 30, 2009

On the cover: David Thatcher, designer of the Thatcher CX4, pilots serial number one over Lake Hancock, FL during Sun 'n Fun 2008 while EAA Chief Photographer Jim Koepnick squeezes the shutter. Photo plane pilot: Bruce Moore. Thanks go to the EAA for allowing us to use this photo.
  • Sadler Vampire Update.— A brief update from the people at Sadler Aircraft. We’ll have more on them after OSH– the promised Part Two.
  • William Stinson’s Thatcher CX4.— Pat Panzera introduces the CX4 to CONTACT! readers in this article which will certainly not be the last we hear from Thatcher.
  • Power and Torque.— Jack Kane offers a simple explanation that horsepower and torque are not mutually exclusive. Far too many people are under the wrong impression and we hope this fixes it.
  • Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) — Jack Kane, who will become a regular contributor, shows a simple way to help separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to engine manufactures’ claims regarding power.
  • Angle of Attack.— A how-to on building a simple device that can help reduce the risk of inadvertent stall.
  • A Vibration Study of the Maxwell Propulsion MX1 Subaru Conversion Package.— Gwen Maxwell chronicles the work MPS has done to reduce the effects of torsional vibration using info found in issue #90 of CONTACT! Magazine.
  • My First Alternative Engine Round-Up.— Gwen Maxwell reports on her experience attending CONTACT! Magazine's annual fly-in event.
  • Geared Drives checks in. — Phyllis Ridings brings us up to speed with the latest developments with their Subaru PSRU and their RV-10 firewall forward package based on the Chevy LS series of engines.
Dave Thatcher speaks with the people at EAA.
Geared Drive's Chevrolet LS-1 powered RV-10
ISSUE 96  Sep -Oct 2008
Mailed Jan 15, 2009
On the cover: Sadler Vampire LSA prototype as seen at SnF ‘08. Photo by Patrick Panzera, artwork by Bruce Sturgill.
  • Corvair College Prep in Livermore. KITPLANES contributing editor, Rick Lindstrom, reports on yet another Corvair engine workshop, this time on the West Coast.
  • The NEW Sadler Vampire LSA, Part One. We detail the history and heritage of the Sadler Vampire, as well as the path to the newest offerings from Bill Sadler, specifically for the light sport market.
  • Chevrolet’s Fire-Breathing LS9. GM knocks it out of the park once again with their small-block jewel, pumping out 638 supercharged ponies and still using pushrods and 16 valves.
  • Is Gasohol Good for Your Plane? Larry David reveals his story on how he discovered damage to his fiberglass fuel tanks caused by ethanol in his fuel, and the undiscovered spar damage.
  • Hello from NZ, Mike Crene checks in. A brief report on the Titan T-51 Kiwi Mustang, sporting a Suzuki V6.
  • Roger Godfrey's Sonerai IIL. Roger Godfrey's story on engine mods and new Riblett 35A415 wings with an additional 4’ span.
  • Repairman Certificate. Pat Panzera attempts to clear the air on what it takes to certificate an amateur-built experimental, not built by the owner, by reprinting a page from the EAA website.
  • One Man’s Personal Skunk Works: A push-pull Zenith 801 ala Cessna 337? Mike Francis is a dreamer and a doer. His proposal for a new design is educational and entertaining.


ISSUE 95  July-August  2008
Mailed Nov 14, 2008
On the cover: Maxwell Propulsion’s Glassair Glastar Sportsman powered with their EJ25 Subaru conversion. Photo credit, Patrick Panzera. Photo plane, RV7 built and piloted by Philip J Watson   
  •  Maxwell Propulsion Systems, Inc.Patrick Panzera visited the MPS facility in Arlington WA in August ‘08 and writes of his impressions of the company as it arises from the ashes of NSI.
  • What's a "Front Cover"?— When converting a Corvair engine for aviation, it’s necessary to convert the bellhousing to become what’s commonly referred to as the front cover. Patrick Panzera gives a step-by-step on how to go about creating the part.
  • Mark Langford with William Wynne’s Fifth Bearing.— Corvair aficionado Mark Langford reports on his use of the prototype “fifth bearing” designed and built by William Wynne as a solution to the crankshaft failure issues.
  • Mark Jones' Corvair Powered KR-2S and the fifth bearing he chose to go with.— With more than one way to skin a cat, Mark Jones solves his crank issues with a fifth bearing similar yet different than William Wynne’s, created by Dan Weseman.
  • Dan Weseman's Fifth Bearing.— Dan Weseman reports on his development and the manufacturing of his cure for the Corvair crank issues.
  • Roy Szarafinski’s Evolution of a Corvair 5th Bearing.— Regular contributor Anthony J. Liberatore visited Roy’s Garage and came back with a wealth of knowledge concerning Roy’s answer to the Corvair crank issue plus electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition.



Jon Finley, N314JF, Low Approach E80 May 24, 2008

  • Jon Finley's Subar-Sonic Q2.— Jon Finley has a passion for engines and it shows with his direct drive Subaru EJ22 installation in his Q2.
ISSUE 94  May-June 2008
to be Mailed July 28, 2008

On the cover: 5151 Builder - Glen Holder, KW-909 Builder - Jim Young. Photo credit: LeRoy Cook.

  • The Titan All-Metal P-51 Replica Kit: How it’s Built and Ways To Power It. Len Bechtold expounds the virtues of the Titan Aircraft’s T-51, 3/4 scale Mustang replica. This is the second of two parts and it touches on some of the details concerning construction and the engine options including the two different “Mini Merlin” Suzuki V6.
  • Loehle 5151 Mustang: The P-51 for Walter Mitty. Mike and Sandy Loehle report on their 3/4 scale wood and fabric replica kit, as well as their other warbird offerings. Included in this article is information on their high-gloss coatings.
  • Sport Pilot in seven days: Our very own Nicholas Wood tells us of his unofficial record-breaking accomplishment of receiving his Sport Pilot certificate in seven days with 22 hours logged.
  • Wayne Sprigle’s Mite-T Mustang: How one builder set out to build a P-51 replica on a budget, starting with a set of plans for a wood and fabric Taylor Titch.
  • What is a Taylor Titch: We describe a little about the history of the Titch and the Monoplane designed by the late John Taylor, with permission from his son, Terry Taylor.
  • Last of a Generation: John Miller, 102, Passes away. We say so long to a great friend of aviation and a fixture at the Replica Fighters Headquarters at AirVenture.


ISSUE 93  Mar-April 2008
Mailed June 4, 2008.

On the cover: RotaMax two-rotor 1300 cc electronic fuel injected  engine. Photo is courtesy of RotaMax with the artwork performed by Bruce Sturgill.


  • RotaMax. Pat Panzera details virtually every aspect of this “new” rotary engine being offered to the S-LSA and experimental, amateur-built markets. Utilizing the Autoflight geared PSRU, this engine has a power-to-weigh ratio that’s unrivaled with four-strokes.
  • The Titan All-Metal P-51 Replica Kit: It Ships Complete and It’s Available – Really!!! Part 1. Len Bechtold expounds the virtues of the Titan Aircraft’s T-51, 3/4 scale Mustang replica. This is the first of two parts and it touches on some of the more basic details concerning the design, construction and flight characteristics.



Eric Barger at the RotaMax factory.


ISSUE 92  Jan-Feb 2008
Mailed March 28, 2008.

  • Perry and Charlie Harber's GLASAIR II TDS. Pat Panzera details the adventures of father and son team Perry and Charlie Harber as they build a Glasair I using first a 3.8L Ford/Blanton conversion and then a small block Chevy with a Geschwender geared PSRU and a Bendix, aviation-style mechanical fuel injection system.

  • Tube Frames Go Digital. Freelance writer David Hicks introduces Don VanRaay, the President of Cartesian Tube Profiling and showcases his work  with computerized tube notching for the construction of tube frames of varying degrees of difficulty, saving the average builder potentially hundreds of hours.

  • Andrew Plunkett's Subaru EJ25 powered Glasair I. Andrew does a marvelous job describing the adventure undertook when he decided to use an automobile engine with a Marcotte Redrive in his plane.

  • 5th Annual Alternative Engine Round-Up, April 25-27, 2008 Jean Nevada. Patrick Panzera invites you once again to attend this growing experimental aviation event.

  •  Get More Cooling Capacity From Your Radiator. More tips and tricks of the trade from Bud Warren of Geared Drives, this time he details just how to go about “splitting” a single-pass radiator and converting it to either a double or triple-pass system.

  • The Raceair Designs 'Lil Bitts Biplane. Award winning builder and designer Ed Fisher shows his one of his latest creations.

Andy Plunkett's first flight, March 9, 2008


Perry Harber's extraordinary Chevy powered Glasair II.
High speed pass, video was made with a still camera in video mode so the sound is horrible. Turn DOWN your speakers.

Andy Plunkett's Subaru EJ25 Powered Glasair I



ISSUE 91 Nov-Dec, 2008
Mailed Jan 24, 2008.

  • A Subaru Legacy with Redundant EFI. Ken Lehman does an outstanding job describing the redundant nature of the electrical systems installed in his EJ22 powered Murphy Rebel. See issue #41.

  • MegaSquirt. EFI: For the Do-It-Yourself Builder.

  • Marcotte Redrive. A very brief side piece with contact information. Also see issue #51 and 92

  • Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin alerts the operators of airplanes powered by Volkswagen air-cooled engines of an airworthiness concern where the engine loses power due to the loss of cylinder head fastener torque.

  • No One Believed That We Walked Away. Phyllis Ridings-Murawski of Geared Drives, details the fiery loss of their Wheeler Auriga. Also see issue #89

  • Carburetor Icing-- One More Time. Another great discussion on carb ice, this time by Harry Hill of the Winnipeg Area RAA

  • Paul Lipps Checks In and gives us some stats on the performance with a recently installed Elippse prop on an RV-6. Also see issue #88.5

  • Alternatives to the Rotax 912 & 914 Engines. Don Parham of RFI Power Systems compares the Rotax series of 80-115 hp engines to automobile conversions available from the US market.

  • Raven Redrives Checks In. By Jeron Smith. Raven Rotorcraft and Redrives’s latest offering, a three-cylinder, 38-hp direct drive Geo/Suzuki engine.

    Nicholas Wood tells of his experiences during his first year working at CONTACT! Magazine.

  • Prop Balancer Revisited. John Steere takes the Paul Lipps designed propeller balancer and adapts it for wheel balancing. See issue #88.5

  • Builder Assist Program. Bruce Sturgill provides us with a progress report on being a Personal Cruiser beta builder. Also see issue #88

  • End of an Era: Exemption 7162 Expires. Owners of experimental aircraft could once be compensated for renting their aircraft to others who sought experimental aircraft-specific flight training can no longer be compensated.

  • EASA Supplemental Type Certificate for Light Speed Engineering’s PLASMA CDI on a Lycoming O-360


Direct Drive Geo/Suzuki 1000cc aircraft engine.
Simulating hand-prop with electric starter.
Jeron Smith, Raven Rotorcraft and Redrives, Inc.

 ISSUE 90  Sep-Oct, 2007
Mailed October 8, 2007.

  • COPPERSTATE.  Not too big, not too small; it’s what a Fly-In was meant to be. A report on the 2006 event and an invitation to 2007. COPPERSTATE 2007 Patrick Panzera

  • Randy Hebron’s EJ-22 Subaru Powered Volmer Amphibian. Anthony J. Liberatore does it again by bringing us details of a very special amphibian.

  • The RFI Cog Belt Reduction Drive for Subaru and Mazda Conversions. A report on the RFI PSRU by the very prolific contributor Don Parham.

  • Stock Subaru EFI Systems. Inspired by recent reports of stock Subaru electronic systems going “LIMP HOME” at the worst possible moment, Don Parham details exactly how the system works.

  • A new, 6.2L LS3 small-block V-8. Chevy does it again with its latest iteration of their infamous (bad-to-the-bone) small-block.

  • Concept: Can A Long "Longster" Be Built As A Legal Part 103 Ultralight? Oscar Zuniga explores the possibility of building an old design with new materials, including a 1/3 Corvair engine, and creating a modernized replica of a classic design. 

  • Home-Brewed Dyno. Andrew Arguemeina demonstrates how bathroom scales can be used to determine the horsepower of an engine that’s still bolted into an airframe.

  • A Vibration Study of a Mazda 13B Installation in a Van’s RV6A. Steve Boese goes about studying vibrations in a thorough manner.

 ISSUE 89  July-Aug, 2007
Mailed July 19, 2007.

  • Chevy Powered Wheeler Express. Bud Warren of Geared Drives introduces us to his geared redrive, as proven with his beautifully crafted Wheeler Express. Former CONTACT! Magazine editor and publisher Mick Myal found this story for us at SnF 2007 and through a collaborative effort with Bud’s daughter Phyllis Ridings-Murawski, they bring us this article.

  • Three-Rotor Lancair ES. A project report on a plane that’s about to take its first flight. We’ll certainly be following up with this one. By Mark R. Steitle

  • The Vari-Prop by Pitch Control Systems, L.L.C. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the union between the fine people at Vari-Prop and Paul Lipps, the creator of the Elippse Propeller. We now have a commercially available version of the Elippse prop, and best of all, it’s constant-speed. By John P. Moyle and Patrick Panzera

  • Traffic Detector Report. An unsolicited report on a traffic avoidance device, the Traffic-Watch ATD-300, installed after a close encounter with a Gulfstream pilot with his head “up and locked”. by Steve Makish 

  • CarterCopter. The people at Carter announce their 6-7 place turboprop, “Next Generation Business Air Vehicle" (BAV) for true point-to-point travel.

  • How fast are you really going? Revisited Part II, reprinted from issue #88.5. By Paul Lipps

  • Paul’s Updates My Plane Since Issue #77; Belleville Washers For Prop Retention: Reno Successes: Vari-Prop, reprinted from issue #88.5. By Paul Lipps

 ISSUE 88.5 SPECIAL Paul Lipps issue.  Published July 12, 2007. Now on sale . 

  • Elippse Propeller. With all the rules broken, this propeller looks and performs like none other. By Paul Lipps Reprinted from issue #77, Mar-Apr 2004

  • Paul Lipps’ Lancair 235. Just like the Elippse propeller, this plane is a little different. By Paul Lipps Reprinted from issue #77, Mar-Apr 2004

  • Elippse Propeller Test. Paul Lipps answers the question, “Just how much difference can you realistically expect from a spinner?” By Paul Lipps Reprinted from issue #81, Jan 2006

  • How fast are you really going? A whimsical look at the effect of stagnation temperature rise as speed increases and how that may be misleading you into believing that you are going faster than you really are. By Paul Lipps Reprinted from issue #80, Sep 2005

  • How fast are you really going? Revisited. Part II, created for this issue. By Paul Lipps  NEW!

  • Sensitive Static Prop Balancer. Another highly useful Paul Lipps article, detailing the construction and use of a special fixture designed by Jeff Jeter. By Paul Lipps Reprinted from issue #84, Jul 2006

  • Paul’s Updates. My Plane Since Issue #77; Belleville Washers For Prop Retention: Reno Successes: Vari-Prop. By Paul Lipps NEW!

  • Tom Aberle’s Phantom. The success story of one team of Reno pylon racers. By John Moyle and Patrick Panzera Reprinted from issue #79, Feb 2005

ISSUE 88   May-June, 2007
Mailed June 15, 2007.

  • Why you should know your ECU; Three case studies. Larry David compiles three stories concerning the trials and tribulations associated with using the OE ECU from a 2.2L Subaru EJ22 powered KIS TR1. In addition to Larry’s personal saga, George Moore and Graham Brighton contribute to this case study.

  • Personal Cruiser; Real aircraft performance at ultralight cost. Scott VanderVeen chronicles the conception, design work and building process to bring this new aircraft to market, designed by Steve Rahm and proves his FoldaPlane kit manufacturing concept.

  • Building a Corvair Cruiser. Bruce Sturgill, long-time friend of CONTACT! Magazine, is one of Scott VanderVeen’s beta-builders who gives us a little insight into what it takes to actually build a kit plane from the FoldaPlane process.

  • Flight Testing the Personal Cruiser. Morgan Hunter describes his experience with test flying and proving the Personal Cruiser.

  •  Programmable EFI: A Second Look. Ross Farnham of Simple Digital Systems brings us an update from his previous digital EFI article and ties it in with the other EFI articles in this issue.

  • A Tale of Two Drivers. Steve Boese discovers issues with his  EC2 electronic engine control system related to operating from his high altitude airport.

  • Corvair Powered CH601XL-N1777W. Corvair guru William Wynne gives an update with on his efforts with the Corvair engine conversion, as it relates to his 601 and the Personal Cruiser.

  • Aluminum Cylinders for Corvair and VW Engines. Pramod Kotwal of Nitron Inc. announces his  new product line.

ISSUE 87   Mar-April, 2007
Mailed April 12, 2007.

  • Rotary Progress and Update. Ed Anderson gives us an update on his 13B installation powering his RV-6A that we reported on in earlier copies of CONTACT! Magazine, issues #49, #50, #51, and #61.

  • A new offering from a new supplier, Propelled Engineering. Art and Cheryl Reudko along with Ted Alexander are embarking on a new endeavor of bringing the convenience of a FWF package to the RV community first, and others as demand dictates. By Earnest Kerr

  • X is for Experimental; A Rotary Odyssey. A long anticipated article from rotary engine guru Tracy Crook that brings us up to date with his  trials and tribulations of taming his record-breaking RV-4.

  • One-off, single rotor conversion for an Avid. A work in progress is described, detailing building a single rotor engine from a mix of available OEM parts and a few custom parts, gets the weight down and power up while hopefully not sacrificing reliability. By Richard Sohn

  • Bill and Linda Eslick’s rotary powered RV-6. With a $5,000 FWF investment, Bill and Linda have done a remarkable job with their creation.  By Bill Eslick

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Considering a rotary engine for your experimental aircraft? This article does its best to bring you up to speed by detailing what has worked and what may not work while the author describes his Cozy Mark IV. By John Slade

  • Duckt is now ductless! Perry Mick picks up where he left off in this follow-up article (in issue #60) on his adventure into his ducted fan experiment, carried out with the use of his sleek Long-EZ. By Perry Mick

ISSUE 86  Mailed 12 March 2007.

  • Ken Millard’s EG33 Powered Comp MONSTER. Mick Myal spotted this beauty at AirVenture 2006 and reports on the installation of this 4-place, all composite kitplane with a hefty Subaru engine.

  • 4th Annual Alternative Engine Round-Up April 27-29, 2007 is the date, Jean Nevada is the place. This is the only fly-in we know of that is for experimenters, by experimenters, and it’s FREE!

  • Spark Ignited Heavy Fuel, Part Deux. Anthony J. Liberatore brings more information on the use of heavy fuel in aircraft piston engines. See issuse #81 for part I.

  • Turbo Diesel Boxer: A World's First. Subaru has developed a “first” with their turbo diesel engine based on their opposed four plat form and should be delivered in vehicles in 2008.

  • The PC-60 Military Surplus Engine. Converting an APU surplus engine for aviation, for a fraction of the price of its certified counter part. By Dirk D. Kretschman

  • A letter from AOPA President Phil Boyer. Don’t despair is the topic of this “call to arms” from the AOPA president. Phil is confident that we as a group can fight and win the battle against “user fees”.

  • Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin. Is alcohol in your fuel a problem? A reprint of FAA CE-07-06 October 27, 2006

  • One-Wire Alternator Conversion. Lynn French describes how he converted his internally regulated alternator to utilize an external regulator.

ISSUE 85 Mailed 25 January 2007.

  • 2700cc Corvair Engine “Condition Inspection”. Mark Langford chronicles his trails, tribulations and success with his use of the Corvair engine in his remarkable KR2S.  (see issue #75).

  • e-Ink; Another Glass Revolution? The nuts and bolts of a new type of “glass cockpit” display that’s much easier to read and actually looks better in sunlight. By Douglas Hansknecht

  • Under-Promising, Over-Delivering: The AeroTwin AT972T. As promised in issue #83 and in typical CONTACT! Magazine fashion, we spare no detail with presenting a new engine. By Tim Kern

Issue 84 Mailed July 18, 2006.

  • Tim Sullivan’s Subaru Powered Super Zodiac CH 601 HDS. With superb help from Stratus Subaru, Tim Sullivan completes his plane even before obtaining his PPL. By Patrick Panzera

  • Tim Sullivan Stratus Subaru Engine. Tim details his rebuild and installation of his engine, including cooling issues. By Patrick Panzera

  • Sensitive Static Prop Balancer. Another highly useful Paul Lipps article, detailing the construction and use of a special fixture de signed by Jeff Jeter. By Paul Lipps

  • Thor Magic Products. Not a miracle; it Just Works. As described in our mission statement, we review a new product which just hap pens to be a soap and wax. By Tim Kern

  • How I spent my SUMMER VACATION. Associate editor John P Moyle tells the tale of his trip to the Czech Republic to assembly the CH 601 XL donated to us.  

  • CarterCopter issue reprinted with more pages. We announce the reprint of issue #83

  • Alternative Engines Volume 3 announced.

  • Sun n Fun 2006 Report.

  • Alternative engine round-up (Jean Fly-in) Report.

  • 2nd Annual Cinco de Mayo Canard Fly-in Report.

  • Zenith open house, Cloverdale CA Report.

  • Golden West EAA Regional Fly-in Report. (Sorta)

  • CarterCopter update.

ISSUE 83  Mailed  March 30, 2006.

  • Update: The CarterCopter and Its Legacy. Rod Anderson of Carter Aviation Technologies brings us up-to-date on the current state of the record-breaking, ill-fated CarterCopter demonstrator aircraft.

  • Maximizing Flight Efficiency by Slowing the Rotor. The secret to the CarterCopter’s success and insight to the unusual planform of the rotor.  By Jay Carter

  • Carter’s High Performance, Hollow-blade Propellers. An in-depth look at the unique propellers being developed by Carter, includ- ing construction techniques, ground test and flight tests, as well as data spreadsheets. By Jeff Lewis and Claudius Klimt

  • PIREP: Flying the CarterGyro Demonstrator/Trainer AKA CGD/T. Carter Aviation Technologies’ test pilot, George D. Mitchell gives us the rundown on preflight and the operation of their new demonstrator.

  • Carter FutureFlight-I, April 2-5, 2006. To showcase the everyday utility of their newest VTOL technologies, Carter is planning a demon- stration flight from Atlanta, GA to Sun 'n Fun, using the CarterGyro to visit the same places along the way that we would visit using an auto mobile on the same trip. By Anita C. Infante

  • NASA Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Challenge -- Postponed or Canceled? Rod Anderson looks at the NASA general aviation con test announced last summer and how it led to the creation of Carter’s newest aircraft design.

  • Is the AeroTwin Engine in the CarterGyro’s Future? A brief look at the new AeroTwin engine and how it may end up powering the CarterGyro. By Greg Lynch

  • New 2+2 “CarterCopter” Announced. It hasn’t stopped with the CarterCopter. Carter Aviation Technologies has been working behind the scenes and is ready to unveil their new focus; a CONTACT! Magazine exclusive. By Jeff Lewis

ISSUE 82  Mailed  March 3, 2006.

  • John Steere’s Supercharged Thunderbird Powered BD-4. Past contributor John Steere updates us with information on his BD-4   project we previously covered in issue #66 By John Steere

  • Direct-Injection Turbocharged MAZDASPEED6 Engine. Mazda is offering 274 horsepower from a turbocharged, direct inject-  ion, gasoline engine. This all-aluminum, 4-cylinder engine seems like   a good candidate for conversion to aviation. By Pat Panzera

  • Custom Wheel Pants for the Masochistic Homebuilder. A step-by-step guide to plug and mold making for the reproduction of   fiberglass parts, specifically wheel pants. By Chris Boultinghouse

  • The Future of General Aviation Power. A frank discussion on the direction general aviation is heading, including diesel, fuel cells, hybrids and other alternative fuels.  By Michael Friend.

  • The Bandit: ”Mo” Bang for less Bucks. How one builder set out to find an alternative to his certified O-320 installation in his RV-4, and found his answer in an airboat shop.  By Rob Ray

ISSUE 81 Mailed Jan 10, 2006.

  • An introductory forum on the Hexadyne P60, as presented by Cy Williams, at the 2005 COPPERSTATE Fly-In.  We transcribed the engine forum at the recent COPPERSTATE Fly- In, and offer it as a precursor to the following in-depth article. By Cy Williams

  • The Hexadyne P60 Associate Editor John Moyle outdoes himself once again, with a  thorough look into the little, yet powerful four-stroke engine,  deter- mined to replace the two-strokes in its class By John P. Moyle 

  • Elippse Propeller Test. Paul Lipps answers the question, “Just how much difference  can you  expect realistically expect from a spinner?” By Paul Lipps

  • Edge of the Envelope; Atlantica; Shape of Wings to Come. A four-place, blended-wing-body (BWB) aircraft, of all composite construction; the brainchild of Alan Shaw. By Anthony J. Liberatore.

  • Steve Lantz's LS6 powered Republic Seabee. Two life-long friends work together to build a show winning experimental Republic Seabee from scrap. Powered by a 405 HP LS-6 Corvette engine conversion by Brian Robinson. By Pat Panzera

ISSUE 80  Mailed September 23, 2005.

  • John O. Thompson's EA-81 powered Kitfox IV-1200. John Thompson’s story of converting a Subaru EA-81and fitting it to the nose of his beautiful Kitfox. By John P Moyle 

  • Revmaster R-3000 Engine. 10 years in the making, this new engine is about to hit the market and take the 100hp engine genre by storm. By John P Moyle 

  • Revflow: Innovations and improvements. Descriptions and details of the inner-workings of the Revflow variable-jet, injector carburetor. By Joe Horvath 

  • Meet Joe Horvath. A brief sidebar on Joe and his background with the VW engine 
    By John P Moyle

  • BMW 1100RS motorcycle engine conversion.  Kuba Konstancin of Poland, reports on his direct experience with converting and flying behind this elegant motorcycle engine. 

  • Planning Your Charitable Giving. Part II.  CONTACT! Magazine supporter Percy Lorie offers a little food for thought, by way of the second in the series of informative articles. 

  • How fast are you really going? A whimsical look at the effect of stagnation temperature rise as speed increases and how that may be misleading you into believing you are going faster than you really are. By Paul Lipps

ISSUE 79  Mailed March 25, 2005 Available in reprint only

  • Tom Aberle's PHANTOM, smokes his class at Reno, using a Paul Lipps propeller (see issue #77) by John P. Moyle and Pat Panzera 

  • Planning Your Charitable Giving.Just in time for tax season, CONTACT! Magazine supporter Percy Lorie offers a little food for thought, by way of the first in series of informative articles. 

  • Turbines: Is it turbine time for homebuilts? By Vance Jaqua 

  • HKS Engine. by Michael Friend 

  • Alternative Engine Round-Up. by Patrick Panzera 

  • Gary Walsh's Prop Problems.  One man’s woes with his NSI cockpit controllable propeller and the resulting airworthiness directive. By Gary Wolf, President, RAA Canada

ISSUE 78  Mailed Dec 8, 2004

  • Jim Moye's Ford V-6 STOL, By Dom Brindisi and Jim Kale 

  • Flying Behind an LS-1 Chevy in the "JUNK YARD DAWG" by Roger P. Flower 

  • David Roe (Hummel Bird "Diva") follows up on his flutter repot from issue #76 

  • Chris Christiansen's  Peregrin XS-302, by Pat Panzera 

  • Theory of Rod Bolts and Other Prestressed Bolts, By Vance Jaqua 

  • Spark Ignited heavy Fuel Engines, by Anthony J. Liberatore 

  • The "Miller-Cycle engine; Mazda's best kept secret, By Pat Panzera 

  • An update from  George Graham on his 13b powered  canard pusher from issue #62 

  • An update from John Harlow on his Lancair ES with Chevrolet Corvette LT -1 V-8 Engine. Also See issues #40, #53 and #66 

  • Follow-up report on the Elippse Propeller, as flown at Reno, by Pat Panzera 

  • Type Newsletter of the Year Award, by Pat Panzera 

SSUE 77  Mailed July 23, 2004 Available in reprint only

  • SUPER PULSAR 100, by Vance Jaqua. Also see issue #2 

  • Sonex Ltd. announces Czech floats for their plane. 

  • Paul Lipps' innovative Lancair 235, by Paul Lipps 

  • Paul Lipps on  his ELIPPSE TM Propeller, by Paul Lipps 

  • Exhaust system for the JPX 85 hp engine in a Jodel D18, by Richard Mole. 

ISSUE 76  Mailed June 1, 2004

  • David Roe's highly modified Hummel Bird "Diva", by Pat Panzera. 

  • Doug Reid's super compact and lightweight, VW based Aeromorph engine, by Pat Panzera. 

  • What did I do to deserve flutter? By David Roe. 

  • A tribute to Morry Hummel, by Tammy Sperling. 

  • Alternators 101, by Dan Rogers. 

  • Willi Lischak and his Tiny Racer, by Michael Friend. 

ISSUE 75  Mailed February 12, 2004

ISSUE 74  Mailed November 28, 2003

  • RW Owens EG33 Subaru powered Velocity 173 FG 

  • An update with Justin Mace's Dragonfly. (see issues 6, 14, and 39) 

  • Sonex Ltd. new planes,  the Xenos and the Waiex, By John P. Moyle 

  • Sonex Builder's workshop, By John P. Moyle 

  • 2004 Harley Davidson engine conversion for pusher applications, including info on the University of Utah's Harley powered Wright Flyer. 

  • Fuel tank bonding,  by David Gall. 

ISSUE 73 Mailed September 2, 2003 Available in reprint only

  • Eric Scheppers 6 cylinder Jabiru powered Sonex. 

  • Jack Lockamy's VW Type IV Sonex. 

  • "Aero Vee 2002" VW conversion. An in-depth look at John Monnett's new VW engine kit, commercially available for under $5000. 

  • "Aero Carb" An introduction to this simple throttle body carburetor. 

  • Sonex: A design Overview Just about everything you'd like to know about the Sonex. 


ISSUE 72  Mailed June 3, 2003

  • Ted Nickel's 3.8 liter Ford V6 powered all metal RV6. Many innovative ideas which  any homebuilder can utilize. 

  • Ted Nickel describes his glide performance experimentation,  and the resulting incident that all but destroyed his plane. 

  • Dan Horton takes some of the mystery out of torsional vibration,  and dispels the myth that a belt reduction unit solves the issue. 

  • Mazda's "next generation" Renisis engine for the new RX8. 

  • Hal Hadaller reports on his problems with the Great Plains rear engine drive. 

  • CONTACT! Magazine announces a new aviation based charity,  for aviators,  by aviators.  It's time we take care of our own.


  • Paul Messinger describes and illustrates the differences between all Subaru EA81 model engines, a must have article for any Subaru converter.

  • The one-of-a-kind stealth like Facetmobile is profiled by designer Barnaby Wainfan.

ISSUE 70  Available in reprint only

  • Apply WWII liquid cooling solutions to your auto conversion homebuilt, as researched by Prof. S.J. Miley at Texas A&M. 

  • A scratch built 7/10 scale P-51 by Dan Hawken is powered by a Rover 3.9 engine . 

  • Gary Spencer's Long EZ is powered by a Ford V/8 and goes 240mph. 

  • A turbo Mazda rotary in a Cozy is detailed by Greg Richter. 



  • A homebuilder, NASA's Mark Moore is behind the official movement to develop affordable airplanes. A key element is the use of auto based engines to reduce costs. Before and after cost numbers are presented. 

  • Craig Sellers was fed up with costs of certified airplanes' repairs and elected to power his RV-8 with a Corvette LT1 engine. 

  • Giovanna Villanueva is promoting the development of a radial cam engine, similar the RAD-CAM in issue #68. 


  • Jim Steen details his award winning engineering of a belt redrive Toyota turbo MR2 conversion in a Cassutt racer. 

  •  Mark Beierle of Earthstar Aircraft is developing his "RAD-CAM", an eight cylinder (two-stroke) high-performance (40hp) radial engine for trikes, UL and sport class planes that uses a cam as opposed to a crankshaft. 

ISSUE 67 Available in reprint only

ISSUE 66  Available in reprint only

  • A super clean Ford V/6 installation in John Steere's BD-4. 

  • Great information on exhaust augmentation by Dan Nicoson, including 9 references. 

  • Charlie Walker's Subaru 2.5 powered Glastar installation. 

  • Redrive and epoxy failures are reported by John Harlow. 


  • Prof. Richard Kamm clears up fuel/air mixture understanding. 

  • Steve Koontz offers a cooling safety tip. 

  • A Subaru powered GlaStar is detailed by builder Jeff Liot, check out cooling ducting? 

  • Don Parham offers insight into new Subaru engines. 

  • Learn more about speed-density systems by expert Joe Woods. 


  • Terry O'Neill designed and built an unique moldless construction canard airplane some 15 years before Burt Rutan! 

  • Tracy Crook of Real World Solutions, Inc. details his approach to electronic engine control. 

  • Les Homan's Starduster II biplane is powered by a Chevy 4.3. 

  • Del Chifton flies a NSI Subaru Legacy firewall forward package in his RV-6. 


  • Ed Anderson reports on extensive changes to his Mazda RV-6A, reported previously in issues 49,50 and 51. 

  • Ron Kociba details the design/development of the new GM inline 6 truck engine, 40# lighter and 70 more HP than the famous 4.3. 

  • Jess Meyers gears up with his RV GM 4.3 conversion. 


  • Understanding and sizing carburetors is discussed by Clare Snyder. 

  • Getting NACA reports online is recommended by Dan Nicoson. 

  • F. Marc de Piolenc provides a new approach to radiator installation design. 

  • George Graham details his approach to low cost flying (E-Racer made from wood, Mazda 13b installation, PSRU made from a transmission). 

  • Check out a rotary for problems before buying by Joe Woods. 


  • How to check your electrics performance! 

  • Flying Viper V/10 in original design homebuilt. 

  • More Subaru information by Don Parham. 

  • Burak driveline failure cause determined by Steve Crow. 


  • Rohr Two-175, a ducted fan Delta! DIY beading tool by Jeff Liot. 

  • DESIGN ALERT: Stan Burak's outstanding original design suffered a coupling failure. 

  • Perry Mick is developing a ducted fan/Mazda powered longEZ. Another RV, this one Mazda powered by Chuck Dunlap. 


  • Pete Hodges plans to build an anphib, uses computer simulation to determine his 60 degree Chevy V/6 engine mods. 

  • The first Mustang II powered by a Chevy 4.3 was built by Gale Derosier. 

  • The Europa gets a HP boost using a direct drive Subaru EJ22, by Lynn Elsner. 

  • The Brits are developing aircraft Diesel engines per Vance Jaqua. 

  • Brian Robinson finally solves the Seabee engine problem with a Corvette LS1 installation! 


  • Excellent pointers on building reliable VW power are offered by experienced Joe Hillebrand. 

  • Ray Ward shares his experiences with Chevy V/8 aftermarket power in a BD-4 and in his unique WARD ACRO. 

  • Dyno tests of Subaru EJ-22 and new cam grind information documented by Ron Steber. Anyone contemplating Subaru power will benefit from Don Parham's technical review. 

  • The availability of Solex/SU carburetors worldwide offer an economical alternative to Holley products. 

  • Australian Dave Sharples obtains good results with his Blanton Javelin STOL used as a glider tug! 


  • Dorrance Lance uses major parts of a certified airplane (Bellanca) and an Ford 3.8 to meet the 51% rule. 

  • Gerry Belcher flies his Travel Air replica with a Chevy V/8 engine. 

  • The KR Internet gang came up with a new wing that exceeds the performance of Rand Robinson's RAF48. Story by Oscar Zuniga. 

  • Folis Jones (best auto powered plane award at 2000 SNF) comments on his development work with the Subaru. 


  • Robert Pegg discusses his "Buck Rogers" flying platform development, an interesting aircraft for those interested in design concepts. 

  • The all new Cadillac Northstar engine is profiled by Allen Cline, a GM engineer. 

  • Ever wonder what your risks are in flying? Al Wick offers a logical approach you can use to establish your personal comfort level.. 

  • Marshall Allen flies a Chris Heintz Zodiac with a Subaru with largely NSI parts. 


  • Two-place Diesel powered airplane by Paul Lucas has excellent performance due to fuel savings, ideal cooling management and airframe aerodynamics. 

  • Dean Berry describes his flying 4.3 Chevy powered RV-6A using SwagAero electronics. 


  • Engine basics: Detonation and Pre-ignition GM engine designer Allen Cline warns of catastrophic engine failure modes inherent in modern high output engines (>.5 HP/in3). 

  • Fred Carter reviews and debates problems of carburetion vs. fuel injection. 

  • Larry Olson has done considerable propeller design and modification. He explains pitch factor effects. 

  •  William Wynne has generated new interest in the 1960s era Corvair air-cooled engine and discusses his conversion techniques. 


  • Top P51 engineer Lee Atwood explains the effectiveness of the P51 radiator, a must reference for anyone adapting liquid cooled engines. 

  • The 450 HP Viper sports car engine is profiled by Chrysler chief engineer Charlie Brown III. 1/5th views are published along with detailed technical information. 

  • Don Parham informs readers on Subaru engine systems and their electronics. 

  • Dean Berry has flown his Blanton STOL powered by a baby GM 215 engine for 400 hours. 

  • Ed Lansing has developed some cooling benchmarks for the Geo 1.0 liter engine, using his car as a test bed. 

  • John Harlow reports 295 hours on his Corvette powered Lancair ES. New IVO prop considerably improves performance. 


  • Stan Pitts wraps up his work published in issue #43 on a Chevy 4.3 liter RV-6 conversion. 

  • Dougs Combs describes his APEX turbine installation in a clipped wing Luscombe. 

  • Machinist Art Luther builds planetary and cog belt redrives and prepares Subaru conversions. His Subaru 2.7 RV-6A was featured in #36. 

  • Akira Ishikawa provides readers with hard-to-get official HP/torque curves for the Suziki/Geo 1.0 and 1.3 liter engines. 

  • Corvair engine conversion problems and solutions are solved by Torello Tacchi. 


  • CAD drawings of his RV-6 electrical system and flight results wrap up Anderson's successful Mazda installation. 

  • Jerry Schweitzer reports on his new 4.2 liter Ford/RV-6 installation details. 

  • The new Marcotte internal pinion redrive has many reduction ratios. A cross section drawing is included by J-P Deschenes.


  • Ed Anderson's Part 2 of 3 articles describes his EFI and water and oil cooling systems. Find a CAD drawing of his coolant header tank, photo views of his radiator diffusers. 

  • Veteran composite builder Gary Hunter describes the Pushy Galore F1 racer technical details. 

  • Special FULL COLOR centerfold by Jim Ewen shows all! 


  • Ed Anderson details his 13B installation in a RV-6A (part 1 of 3); CAD drawings are included. 

  • Don Parham reviews Subaru engine conversions, specific model differences are described. 

  • The advanced design Rohr MR-2 airplane is documented by Vance Jaqua. 

  • George Graham's highly modified pusher design solves cooling problems. 

ISSUE 48  Available in reprint only

  • GM's new all aluminum premium 215 HP V/6 engine is profiled by Powertrain Staff Engineer Al Cline. In addition to an overview of engine testing procedures, full technical specifications and engine weights a 1/5 scale engine drawing is included. 

  • Tim England has had considerable success with his GM 4.3 liter powered Velocity. His auto conversion approach is also applicable to tractor type designs needing 200 HP. 

ISSUE 47  Available in reprint only

  • Paul Messinger summarizes his past articles with his design of a Subaru EA-81 electrical system. 

  • Charles Airesman direct drives his Vari-Eze with a stock EJ-22 Legacy, cruises at 200 MPH. 

  • Leeon Davis shares his work on the 16HP Briggs and Stratton engine in his DA-11. 

  • Corky Scott reports on Eggenfellner's Subaru conversions. 

  • Steve Parkman retrofits a LYC O-235 with GM's computerized electronic fuel/ignition. 


  • Paul Messinger addresses alternators, their regulation, design differences, safety "crowbars", etc. 

  • Jeff Liot presents his approach to engine mount fabrication. 

  • Chuck Kondas shares his low buck approach to flying...his simple redrive design is shown. 

  • Roger Enns defines turbo control types and selection. 


  • Paul Messinger discusses system voltage issues and component selection (part3). 

  • Don Bates offers hints on propeller selection, answers typical questions and concerns. 

  • A Rotorway Rw-100 powers Ken Mintz's Vari-Eze. His simple coolant system diagram is shown. 

  • A detailed analysis of WWII fighter liquid cooling problems and solutions can help the homebuilder, this article by Hans Mayer originally appeared in the Canadian Recreational Flyer. 

ISSUE 44  Available in reprint only

  • Paul Messinger proposes special electrical backup and safety systems for auto engine conversions. 

  • The Ford archives contain an unique auto powered flying wing built in the 1930s; design features are analyzed (Tim O'Callaghan and Vance Jaqua, respectively). 

  • Roush Racing engineer Chris Spock compares different power transmission systems (belts, gears, chains); their relative durability is shown. 

  • Captain Roger Flower describes his 3.8 Ford powered Seahawk amphibian. 

ISSUE 43  Available in reprint only

  • Stan Pitts custom builds a 4.3 Chevy engine for a RV-6A. 

  • Bill Ray provides technical assistance in the installation of a NSI turbo Subaru in a Kitfox V, cooling problem is solved. 

  • Paul Messinger documents his work on engine management systems, this the first in his series of Contact! articles. 

  • Jess Meyers shows important differences in AJC core construction and effective cooling duct design parameters. 

  • Gordon Bernier has a 2.5 liter Mercury (Ford) aluminum engine going on a WagAero 2+2 homebuilt. 


ISSUE 42  Available in reprint only

  • Chrysler Corporation's new all aluminum engines are detailed. Full engine specifications, including weights and HP and torque curves are published for the three displacements. 

  • All 60 degree V/6 designs, these produce 200-250 hp. V 

  • Vance Jaqua describes his solution to the high cost of high performance aircraft, the use of cheap high power cast iron engines and airframes from existing kitplane parts bins. 


ISSUE 41  Available in reprint only

  • The feature article discloses design and development details of the 1997 GM Corvette engine including 1/5 scale engine outlines. 

  • The Australian test-program is discussed by engineer Jim Contes. 

  • Engine designer Alan Lockheed explains the effects of rod length ratio on engine performance. 

  • Jack Hickham has another approach to Subaru LEGACY engine cooling on his Murphy Rebel. 


ISSUE 40  Available in reprint only

  • John Harlow has installed a Corvette LT1 engine in his 4-place Lancair ES. 

  • Turbo Tom Wyatt has a comprehensive report on his engineering of cooling systems. Various radiators are compared for efficiency. 


ISSUE 39  Available in reprint only

  • The Vision is an original scratch built design by Steve Rahm. it features full sandwich construction, not seen in other scratch-built airplanes. 

  • Charles Airesman's Honda powered Vari-Eze has a very efficient exhaust augmented cooling system that works. 

  • Richard Finch shares his experiences with auto engine dependability. 

  • Don Parham is writing a book on Subaru conversions. His first installment is included in this issue. 

  • Alternator failure and onset of engine failure is defined by Steve Parkman and Justin Mace. 


ISSUE 38  Available in reprint only

  • The Subaru family of engines is documented by Don Parham, long time experimenter. HP and torque curves are published. 

  • A short article points out the hazards of buying salvage engines. 

  • A GM article describes the development of the harmonic balancer. Art Smart describes his original design Phoenix airplane, powered by a Subaru Legacy. 


ISSUE 37 Available in reprint only

  • Russell Sherwood is preparing a Subaru SVX conversion for his Glasair RG. He is using a Ross redrive. 

  • AI Haralson loves his SWAG fuel injected VW engine in his Preceptor PUP. His installation has a unique crank trigger setup. 

  • Steve Parkman found he could save weight and cost by substituting composite construction in lieu of steel tubing in his glass scale Jenny. He uses a GEO Metro fuel injected engine. 


ISSUE 36  Available in reprint only

  • Art Luther reports on h s RV-6A powered with a Subaru 2.7 six cylinder engine. He has come up with a slick planetary redrive of his own design. 

  • Jack Hereford's radial engine design produces 75 HP. 

  • Gene Nelson has some unique ducting features on his Legacy powered RV-3. 

  • Marty Richey looks at auto engine conversion operation, comparing Lycoming performance to reported numbers on Ford, Buick 215 and Mazda installations. 


ISSUE 35  Available in reprint only

  • Jess Meyers introduces his new 4.3 Chevy conversion in a RV-6A. 

  • Ron VanderHart has shown his Buick 215 in a Stits Playmate at several Oshkosh shows. He talks about his low-cost approach conversion. 

  • Ken Rogers shows how to make a composite intake manifold. 

  • The 1996 COPPERSTATE Auto Engine Round-up is reported. 


ISSUE 34  Available in reprint only

  • A 2/3 scale P-38 powered by two Buick 215 engines is a prototype design by Howard Culley. 

  • Tracy Crook of Real World Solutions, Inc. details his Mazda RX-7 installation in his RV-4. 


ISSUE 33  Available in reprint only

  • Vance Jaqua explains prop efficiency-why fast planes can do well with small props. 

  • Jerry Schweitzer details his Ford 3.8 conversion in his RV-6. 

  • Steve Parkman begins his Saturn 124 HP conversion in an Aeronca Champ test bed. 

ISSUE 32  Available in reprint only

  • Early EAA pioneer and record holder Leeon Davis of Davis DA-2A V-tail design fame has designed a new racer. Full details! 

  • Don Parham, a long time gyroplane enthusiast and publisher of Homebuilt Rotorcraft magazine discusses his Subaru conversion developments over the years, 


ISSUE 31  Available in reprint only

  • Reg Clarke shares his development experiences with a turbo EA-81 on his Xpresso Dragonfly. 

  • Bruce Frank reports on Ford 3.8 problems and solutions. 

  • Carcraft re-published article offers Chevy V/6 HP potential. 

  • Kurt Kuhlmann describes fuel injection developments and solutions. 


ISSUE 30  Available in reprint only

  • Fred Carter builds his 200+ HP all aluminum 4.3 Chevy V/6; engine-dyno data is included. 

  • Vance Jaqua offers proof why geared auto engines are better for take off and climb. 

  • Bill Hinote reviews auto engine cooling and suggests ways experimenters can avoid problems. 


ISSUE 29 Available in reprint only

  • Aero engineer Vance Jaqua reveals KIS Cruiser prototyping details, along with design data and construction methods. 

  • Ken Armstrong tells why auto engines are superior in many respects. 

  • Contact! reports on Copperstate's second annual Auto Engine Roundup! 

  • Jim Mayfield achieves 1000 hr TBO with Mazda! 

  • Steve Parkman discloses development experiences with GEO (as Rotax replacement). 

  • Engineer Matt Kight describes his cold jet design. 


ISSUE 28  Available in reprint only

  • Steve Parkman develops a stand alone engine knock sensor. Complete DIY plans are included. 

  • Shirl Dickey reports on his auto powered E-Racer. The LPE engine offers high power at low overhaul costs. 


ISSUE 27  Available in reprint only

  • Jed Erskine shares his experiences in modifying and flying a Piper Rawnee with a Chevrolet 350 HO engine. 

  • The unique Rand-Cam engine first shown at Oshkosh in 1994 has undergone its initial test runs successfully and promises turbine like, smooth performance in a light, compact package. This engine can now run without seals reducing engine friction. 



  • The MINI-HAWK is a 2./3 scale jet fighter concept proposed by Embry-Riddle University, using a Chevy engine driving a fan. 

  • Ross Farnham introduces his digital EFI system. 

  • Logging 300+ flight hours, Ray Ward reports on his Chevy powered Super BD-4 negative experiences with custom engine builders. 

  • Archie Frangoudis presents an overview of cams and design factors. 

ISSUE 25  Available in reprint only

  • Long-EZ owner Ron Gowan describes his Mazda rotary installation and performance. 

  • Pictures detail the necessary components, use of the Ross Aero oil tank and redrive. 

  • Chris Ross mentions experiences of four other customers pleased with Mazda rotary installations. 

  • Bob Brooks tells us what's going on in Detroit and the auto world with the 2-stroke engine and other engine developments. GM 215 engine modifications are fully covered in an article originally published in HOTROD, updates are added by experts. 

  • Harry Riblett designed a revised wing airfoil for Ken Rogers' PT-2 (issue 11 ) which vastly improves its performance. 

  • Steve Parkman discusses thermostat and EFI problems. Composite curing is addressed by Start Montgomery. 


ISSUE 24  Available in reprint only


ISSUE 23  Available in reprint only

  • Jim Mayfield installed a Mazda 13B in his gyroplane trainer. Well over 600 hours on this installation in little over one year! 

  • Shirl Dickey discusses lower winglet effects. 

  • A GM paper is the source on the development of modern engine bearings. 

  • Engineer Vance Jaqua refutes inflated auto engine power claims using BMEP. 

 ISSUE 22  Available in reprint only

  • Reiner Hoffmann covers his Cessna 150 Subaru EA-81 conversion. 

  • X-country trips from Seattle to Oshkosh and SNF proved his conversion approach. 

  • Johhny Walker explains differences between center of pressure and pitching moment. 

  • Oshkosh engine report-who was there. 

  • John Brooks discusses piston rings, Russ Erb concludes his series on engines. 

  • An auto and aircraft engine comparison chart is included. 


ISSUE 21 Available in reprint only

  • Folis Jones builds a Murphy Renegade with a Subaru EA-81, detailing problems and solutions. 

  • Russ Erb discusses volumetric efficiency and other engine factors. 

  • Bruce Frank's newsletter excerpts cover Ford 3.8 engine problems and solutions. 

  • Larry Stubler provides a method for determining air loads on moveable surfaces. 

ISSUE 20  Available in reprint only

  • Roger Ericson decided to replace his Cessna 172 O-300 with a Chevy 350. In the process he has developed a roller chain redrive. His recertification efforts are documented along with engine conversion details.

  • Nat Puffer details his COZY aft CG test program. 

  • Russ Erb discusses engine design and performance factors-list of 4 parts. 

  • A carbon fiber intake manifold is developed. 


ISSUE 19  Available in reprint only

  • Pioneer Jess Meyers has over 500 hours flying his Buick 215 powered Swift. Included are engine building pointers. 

  •  A quick method of building composite fuselages is introduced by Jan Updike using Aero-Core material. 

  •  Bob Waldmiller tells about his flight test experiences, offers excellent methods for comparing results of changes (props, pants, wing tips, etc.). 

  • Steve Parkman alerts experimenters to sources of ignition coil failures and tells about the build of a GEO Metro conversion.


ISSUE 18  Available in reprint only

  • Rich Trickel tells all about his KIS 2-seater. illustrations define unique construction features which make this the one a quick build. 

  • Ken McCormick follows with his glowing report on his KIS/Subaru Legacy installation. 


ISSUE 17  Available in reprint only

  • Jerry Schweitzer has over 300 hours on his Blanton/Ford STOL His detailed report contains information on building a successful conversion. 

  • A comprehensive AIAA report on liquid cooling includes formulas and review of WWII aircraft cooling configurations. 


ISSUE 16  Available in reprint only

  • Devoted to a single project, Terry O'Neill describes his development of the Ford 351 Windsor engine for his Magnum bushplane. The article includes specific information on choosing salvage engines, cylinder head selection, problem areas generated by 'experts', fueling, redrive temperatures, and other topics pertinent to engine conversions. He details the adaptation of a McCullough (Paxton) supercharger to his installation and HP increases. 

ISSUE 15  Available in reprint only

  • The Wanderer by Larry Lam has unique up-only aileron controls and full span flaps. Many other design features are discussed in his article. 

  • The development of the world class 295 HP, 402.6 pound Northstar engine is described by Cadillac's Max Freeman. 


ISSUE 14  Available in reprint only

  • A.J. Smith reveals details of his record setting AJ-2 racer, including unique construction details. 

  • Nat Puffer describes changes to the Safe-T-Poxy formulation as a result of adverse OSHA findings. 

  • Justin Mace provides an update on his 160 hour Subaru Legacy Dragonfly. 


ISSUE 13  Available in reprint only


ISSUE 12  Available in reprint only

  • Authors Lee and Taylor reveal the details of their Honda Goldwing motorbike engine conversion. 

  • Reiner Hoffmann of Seattle reported on his development of the Subaru Turbo EA81 using a belt redrive. 

  • Leonard Eaves tells of his low cost replacement for tired mags using HEI technology. 

  • LPE is developing engines for the 350-600 HP class of custom airplanes. Their report establishes parameters for these advanced engine designs. 


ISSUE 11  Available in reprint only

  • The GM 215 aluminum engine underwent 19 detailed breathing modifications by Edelbrock and reported by Hot Rod magazine in 1961. 

  • Harry Riblett's article defines the new Kitfox airfoil and its advantages. 

  • Ken Rogers of Moxee WA reports on his Subaru Legacy installation in his Pro Tech airplane, including a complete weight breakdown. 

  • Ron Gowan's 4 place twin Mazda powered "Starship" design is shown. 


ISSUE 10  Available in reprint only

  • Nat Puffer describes his development of the COZY IV 4 place canard airplane. The only canard design licensed by Rutan this airplane carries some 25 years of continuing improvements in design, structure, cooling, and performance. 

  • Skip Jones offers general auto conversion information. 

  • Don Santee describes an alternative method for composite laminar wing construction. 


ISSUE 9  Available in reprint only

  • Torsional resonance affects all rotating mechanisms. Don Hessenaur's experiences with the Avian gyroplane, BD-5, and Rotorway designs are covered. 

  • Steve Parkman takes readers through the steps to get the straight story from a FAA computer bulletin board. 

  • Len Griffin and Bob Catrambone discuss their experiences with the HAPI engine to alert others to potential problems. 


ISSUE 8  Available in reprint only

  • Steve Parkman reports on his approach to a budget (< $7000) airplane. His rebuild of the Subaru EA81 engine is covered. The Tri-Q construction steps and the function of a simple fuel injection system of his design are covered. 

  • Alan Shaw reviews the advantages and drawbacks of various composite construction joints. A new speed record design by Lars Giertz is revealed. 


ISSUE 7  Available in reprint only

  • The feature article reports on the design and construction methods of the tandem winged Dragonfly. 

  •  Independent survey of builders and pilots replying to a detailed questionnaire on support and performance is included. 

  • A novel, lightweight main gear retraction mechanism design by Bob Meador is depicted. 

  • Worldwide automobile engine development is reported by Robert Brooks. 


ISSUE 6 Published in January of 1992  Available in reprint only

  • The design, construction, and testing of Saffire by Berry Halsled. it has the hallmark of a factory engineered job. The article includes the wing bending and shear load calculations and a running weight and balance of all major components, useful for comparison. 

  • Justin Mace details his Legacy engine Dragonfly installation. A scale drawing and photos define the cooling system. 

  • Bob Yeakey shares his knowledge of octane requirements with respect to the 180 HP Lycoming. 


ISSUE 4 Available in reprint only

  • 2-stroke engines are being developed in Detroit by GM and Orbital Engine. New engine concepts are described. 

  • Octane, vapor lock and other auto fuel considerations are addressed by Bob Yeakey. 

  • Differences between auto and aircraft engines are reviewed by Rick Stahl. 

  • Progress reports are published on a Dragonfly powered by a Subaru Legacy and a Tri-Q powered by a pushrod Subaru ($475 cost to the builder, including overhaul and balancing). 

ISSUE 3  Available in reprint only

  • George Pereira designer of the GP-4, reviews its design, cockpit accommodations, the plans, work space requirements, materials, adhesives, fuselage construction, canopy, tail surfaces. fiberglass components, control surface flutter, additional design features, wing design, gear retraction, wing/ fuselage assembly/powerplant, etc. 

  • A builder report by Jake Jackson and Ralph Hallenborg comments on the plans, time to build, and flying characteristics.

ISSUE 2  Available in reprint only

  • The Pulsar by Mark Brown. The design, structure, construction, landing gear, wing, tail surfaces, economics, cockpit, the engine, finishing. flying qualities and services are described. 

  • An independent Contact! survey of over one hundred builder/customers is published. 


ISSUE 1   Available in reprint only

  • "Alternative Power for Experimental Aircraft" by Chris Ross discusses reduction gear advantages:-technical support-auto power expertise-used engine experience-engine installation and dress- fuels-typical programs-examples--why gear reduction-engine torsional vibration--rotary reliability. etc. 

  • An exploded view of the Ross redrive unit, calculation of the Mazda 13B weight /moment installation and its 1/5 scale drawing is included. 

  • Nell Kruiswyk's article describes his 13B conversion in a Lancair. 


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