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Pulsar 1 - LSA - under priced @ $22,900

Need specs and details about the Pulsar? We produced an exhaustive article on the subject and printed it in Issue #2 of CONTACT! Magazine. Click the link above to download a 12mb PDF version of the entire issue, from back when we were in black and white.

This plane was registered, inspected but never flown.
It sat for a few years and was donated to CONTACT! Magazine, a nonprofit charity.

The data plate was surrendered but a trip to my local FSDO with the documents we have that came with the plane resulted in a determination that proving the amateur-built aspect of an experimental airworthiness will NOT be a problem.

We are in the process of working toward the full airworthiness; N number is applied for (N43NL) and the plane is being gone over with a fine-tooth comb and will be ready to resume taxi testing very soon. Once it's flying, the price will go up. Once the "40" is flown off, the price will go up even higher.



Cable brakes, but the hardware is in place for master brake cylinders for toe brakes.



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